About Founder

Tax, and Business Management Consulting

Michael Anengbode


Meet the founder of Cre8tive Global Consulting, a tax and business management consulting firm that focuses on helping minority individuals and business owners. Michael Anegbode, a creative tax and business management consultant based in Baltimore, Maryland, has years of hands-on experience helping individuals and businesses with their tax and business needs. Michael has an MBA/TM in Business & Technology Management, BS in Business Administration & Management, and BS in Economics & Statistics. He’s also a Business Leader, certified Project Manager, a certified Scrum Master, a certified Business Consultant, a certified Tax professional, a father, a husband, and an ordained minister in his church (Christ Restoration Ministry International)

As a creative tax and business management consultant, he has worked with small and mid-sized businesses from different industries, ranging from truck drivers, cosmetologists, barbers, pedestrians, Nurses, mental health professionals, and Correctional Officers. He has dedicated himself to empowering firms to accomplish their mission through growth, commitment, and transparency.

Allow Michael Anegbode and his staff to provide excellent customer service and make you feel like family. With his educational qualifications, certifications, and work experience, he can offer you the best quote and advice for your family or business regarding taxes and business management consulting.