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If your business is ready for the expertise of a CFO but the budget hasn’t quite caught up, it’s time to consider outsourcing this position. At Cre8tive Global Consulting, we support businesses like yours by applying our knowledge and expertise in solid financial planning with our CFO. While you benefit from the business acumen of the team in our office, you avoid the financial burden of hiring a full-time employee to fill this position. You can depend on us to get a full understanding of your business, listen to your immediate and long-term goals, and create a detailed financial analysis that will allow you to improve your business’s overall performance and increase profitability. We also help you navigate challenges, make the most of opportunities, and assist with mergers, acquisitions, and more.

CFO Services by Function

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level through personalized, straightforward financial guidance, call us at 410-831-4648 to request a free consultation or book an appt

Income Statement Balance Sheet Statement of Cash Flow

- Sales Incentive Design
- Product Costing
- Project Costing
- Break Even Analysis
- Variable & Fixing Cost
- Reporting
- Payroll
- Budgeting
- Expensive Tracking

- Accounts Recieveable
- Analysis & Improvement
- Debt Reduction
- Accounts Payable & Bill   Pay
- Accounts Recievable &   Invoicing Customers
- Inventory Management
- Fixed Asset Management
- Cash Flow Forecasting
- Cash Flow Engineering     and Design
- Banking Relationships
- Lines of Credit

Reporting & Investor Relations

Merge and Aquisitions

Business Improvement

- Pitch Deck Creation &   Development
- Projections    Developement &    Assumptions
- Investor Reporting
- Investor Relations
- External Financial    Reporting
-Due Diligence
- Debt & Equity
- Financing Support
- Business Valuations
- Post-aquisition consulting    & integration
- Buy & Sell Side Support
-Company Wide KPI's
- Department Reporting
- ERP Design &   Implementation
- Process Automation
- Business Intelligence   Imporvements

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